Frazionata, which means “fractional” in Italian, is the way to enjoy a luxurious South Florida lifestyle for part of each year—at a fraction of the cost. The fastest-growing segment of the luxury real estate market, fractional ownership leverages the same concept used by yacht and airplane enthusiasts –partnering with others to own desirable yet expensive assets. Frazionata is revolutionizing luxury travel by making it economical and hassle-free to own luxury vacation homes together with their private yachts and Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Most second home owners use their vacation homes less than thirty days each year. Why pay twelve months worth of mortgage payments, taxes and expenses when you can purchase only the fraction of your home you will actually use?

At Frazionata, we package exclusive high-end homes, private yachts and Mercedes-Benz vehicles together with exclusive concierge services so that your stay in South Florida is the vacation of your dreams, year after year. We manage the assets, housekeeping, and maintenance and provide dedicated concierge services that will cater to your every whim. You get all of the benefits of luxury home ownership, including title, appreciation and the ability to bequeath your interests, without the associated hassles and responsibilities.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the “Venice of America,” Frazionata is the fractional ownership arm of premier real estate firm Kensington & Company, established in 2002. Kensington & Company is a full service real estate company offering buyers, sellers and investors professional representation in addition to construction and design expertise and property management services. Because Kensington & Company’s clients are from around the globe, the firm offers language competencies in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Hebrew.

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